We are the heart beat to your festival, the awe to your stage. We live to create experiences and inspire the audience through creativity, passion and precision.

Mjd.Pro has a veteran team leading the industry in all Aspects of Events from Management, Conceptualisation, Audio Visual,Production work and Operations to name a few.

That is why we are Designed To Inspire. Inspiring the audiences and friends around us and helping friends make their concepts a reality. We welcome customers of all types and backgrounds. We do it all. Be it Festivals, Roadshows or Dinner and Dances'. We will create a bespoke event for you through thorough discussions. We are more than willing to help you from the start and have round the clock discussions to offer suggestions and discussions to ensure a smooth process


We cater to any friend from any background for any project Big or Small. If you are an event company and require Audio Visual, Operations or Logistics assistance, we would also be more than happy to collaborate and partner up with you in order to achieve your goals.

While our developers are finishing off the website, please fill up the form so we can start working together , or you can drop us a message

Let's collab together!